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The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.

Strictly safety protocol have been implemented in our premises, based on government rule and recommendation's:

● Use the hand sanitizer provided

● Wear a face mask before entering

● Any items requiring alterations 


(These items will be quarantined for 24 hours before we work on them)

● Please Note that only 3 costumers allowed at the time(For wedding dress fitting; Only 1 client, plus 1 friend or family member will be allowed waiting inside the premises)

●Thank you for keeping all of us safe

Welcome to Sew Stitch 'n' Clean

The finest Custom Tailoring and Alterations Company in your area that offers you a convenient high quality sewing service with an affordable price.

As specialists in alteration, we are excellent with what we do. We understand that your garment needs to fit perfectly to your individual body shape and we can assure you that you will be amazed with the results.

Our highly skilled and talented dressmaker, who has over 20 years’ experience, is able to provide the finest quality alterations to a factory finish which means that any alterations to your garment will not be noticeable or traceable. We are able to match the stitch pattern, thread colour and any detail to the original perfectly.

We are Specialists in alterations to bridal wear & wedding dresses including traditional ethnic and Muslim wedding dresses, as well as formal and casual clothing and traditional ethnic wear.

We also alter menswear: suits, wedding suits, morning suits, tuxedos, coats, leather jackets, trousers, jeans and other casual clothing

Our skilled and talented tailors and dressmakers can perform any type of alteration to any type of garment or fabric; from delicate fabrics such as silk or satin or sequined and beaded fabric to hard leather and fur.

Our skills are not limited to restyling and altering existing clothes. If you need an eye-catching outfit for an important event, we will hand-craft you a truly bespoke one off garment that will grace any gathering. For more information on our personal tailoring and dress making service, please visit our shop for a consultation.

Our friendly staff are on hand to greet and help you and our skilled tailors and talented dressmakers will assist you in whatever you want done.

We have a spacious changing room to accommodate our customers so they are able to perform their fittings in comfort.

Looking forward to seeing you in our shop. Thank you for visiting us

Our Services

Bridal & Wedding dress Alteration Services

Sew Stitch 'n' Clean is recognized as one of the leading specialists in wedding dress alteration and remodeling in the area.

We offer a full range of bridal dress and wedding clothing services for before and after your big day, Including wedding dress alterations, bridesmaid's dress alterations and the creation of cocktail gowns and christening gowns incorporating material from your wedding dress

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Ladies Wear Alteration Services

Sew Stitch 'n' clean is the number 1 choice for alterations and tailoring in the area; excellent service with best quality results.

Ladies Alterations: reshaping - restyling -relining - repairing or replacing zips in ladies wear such as formal dresses, bridesmaid's dresses, casual dresses, ball gowns, skirts, blouses, jackets, coats, trousers, jeans and traditional costumes: eg. Saree, Malay Sarong, Indonesian Sarong or Jawanese Jarit, Kebaya etc. Verde

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Men's Wear Alteration Services

Sew Stitch 'n' Clean provides the finest quality alterations and tailoring for your suits and formal wear.

Men's Alterations: tailoring - reshaping -restyling - relining - repairing or replacing zips in menswear such as suits, tuxedos, morning suits, coats, jackets, leather jackets,shooting jackets, biker jackets, waistcoats, shooting waistcoat, trousers, jeans, shorts, kilts, professional shooting gear etc.

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Tailoring Made to Measure

Our skills are not limited to restyling and altering existing clothes.

We are also able to hand-craft you a truly bespoke one off outfit that will grace any gathering. 

We’ll discuss your personal tastes and style first, before setting to work in making a pattern. 

For more information on our personal tailoring and dressmaking service, please visit our shop for a consultation, our friendly team will help assist you. 

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Vintage Garment Restoration & Repair

By 'vintage' we mean a garment over 100 years old.

As specialists in vintage garment restoration and repair, we have skill and experience to deal with very tricky and unusual fabrics as well as challenging accessories.

We are aware that these vintage garments or heirlooms have sentimental value to the owner or are really valuable for collectors who love collecting antique clothes and so we offer our specialist vintage garment restoration services and repair.

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Our Other Services

Sew Stitch 'n' Clean also have other services: 

● Leather clothing alterations & Repair

● Vintage garment restoration & Repair.

● Tailoring, made to measure

● Curtain alterations & Repair

● Bags/Hand bags Repair & New Zip

● Laundry & Dry Cleaning

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Opening Time 

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Customer's Information

Our Price

Fair & Reasonable

We appreciate that you would like to know in advance how much the costs are going to be but you know that garments can vary with regards to fabric, finishing, construction and details, therefore we prefer that customers visit our shop so we can provide an accurate and no obligation quote.

To provide the right price, we research regularly to ensure that our rates are moderate and that we are able to charge our customers fairly and reasonably. That means our customers will receive the best possible service and outstanding quality workmanship without having to pay high prices.

After you have a fitting and we discuss the work needed to be done, we will then provide you with a breakdown of the costs so you have a clear understanding of what you are being charged for. We will do our best to make sure that we quote you within your budget.


& Guarantee

​Customer satisfaction is our priority, in our policy means that our customers will receive the best possible service and outstanding quality workmanship.

We meticulously and pay close attention to detail and ensure that the end of result is clothing that compliments your figure, without any sign of alteration.

We strongly advise all our customers to try on their new / amended garments in our shop before they take them home so that we can ensure the correct fit as per order.

We offer a 7-day guarantee policy to our customers, so if, for some reason, you are unable to try your garment on in the shop before collecting it and find that it doesn't fit you as expected, then you can bring it back within 7 days from the collection date.


We accept Cash and most of Debit card

- Visa Debit Cards and Visa Credit cards,

- MasterCard,

- American Express,

- Maestro and Apple Pay.


We reserve the right to charge 15% cancellation fee in respect of total cost of service provided if work has not begun but if the work has begun then we unable to offer a refund.

The cancellation fee cover card fee, refund transaction and time spent for fitting etc.

In the situation if we have already ordered the materials,  then customer is required to pay full amount of money that we spend plus posting/shipping cost.



The customer is under an obligation to collect their garment/s within 60 days of the agreed collection date stated on their receipt. If unable to collect it for some reason then please let us know so we reserve you to maximum 90 days.

Uncollected items may be disposed of after 90 days or will donate to charity.

Ready for Collection

When we have created your order and it is ready for collection or if you need a further fitting then we will send you a text to let you know accordingly.

Below are some branded garments that we have been performed of Alterations,

Restyling and Resizing, Remodeling or Invisible repair