Sew Stitch 'n' Clean

Specialist garment alterations, Restorations & Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring & Made to measure

Our skills are not limited to restyling and altering existing clothes.

Our reputation for impeccable quality has been hard earned, as we’ve re-styled, re-sized, re-modeled and repaired garments to a factory finish for may years. 

We also create/making clothing as per-order, We able to help you to design the cloth that you will to make.

Tailored/Made to measure Clothes:

If you need an eye-catching outfit, our tailors or dressmakers will hand-craft you a truly bespoke one off outfit that will grace any gathering.

We’ll discuss your personal tastes and style first, before setting to work in making a pattern, then cutting, stitching and sewing a unique, one-of-a-kind gown or dress that will elegantly compliment your figure and personality.

For more information on our personal tailoring and dressmaking service, please visit our shop for a consultation, our friendly team will help assist you.