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Specialist garment alterations, Restorations & Tailoring

Vintage garment Restoration and Repairs

VINTAGE GARMENT, By 'vintage' we mean a garment over 100 years old.

We are aware that these vintage garments or heirlooms have sentimental value to the owner or are really valuable for collectors who love collecting antique clothes and so we offer our specialist vintage garment and wedding dress restoration services.

As specialists in vintage garment restoration and repair, we have skill and experience to deal with very tricky and unusual fabrics as well as challenging accessories.

We understand that each item is unique and possibly rather delicate and we treat each garment with extra care and respect, we have experience in the vintage fabrics and the way the garments are put together and, most of all we understand how they may have changed over time.

Our experts are able to perform classic alterations such as re-sizing garments and shortening hems as well as repairs such as changing broken zips, fixing rips and patches, to replacing old linings, or refashioning something old into something completely different.

For example; turning a flying suit from WW1 into a jacket by cutting the bottom part.

We pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and our unique services which are specifically tailored for each particular project. We also offer extensive vintage wedding dress alterations and repairs, and post-wedding dress restoration.

We provide unique seam-reinforcement service checks on your garment and we reinforce fragile and/or split seams at all stress points. We use genuine vintage parts when requested, such as metal zips and vintage buttons.

Sew Stitch 'n' Clean will alter your precious vintage garment in such a way that you will be happy to see it given another lease of life.

We provide the following Alteration and Restyling services:

● Jacket

● Leather Jacket

● Flaying Jacket

● Coat

● Fur Coat

● Kilt

● Wedding Dress

● Dress

● Skirt

Our services:

● General Alterations

● Restyle/Remodeling.

● Invisible mending

● General Repair

● Relining

● Restorations and cleaning

Vintage Bridal & Wedding Dress

Sew Stitch ‘n’ Clean provides tender loving care for your vintage wedding dress with our expert wedding dress restoration service.

We can remove oxidation spots and yellowing and restore your treasured heirloom to a beautiful off-white color.

We have helped many a vintage bride in obtaining the perfect fit by undertaking crucial repairs before the big day.

From shortening of hems and restyling of sleeves to adding linings or replacing zips, we offer a comprehensive service for vintage bridal alterations and repairs.

We do manual cleaning and pressing, as well as chemical whitening, repairs and preservation.

Below are services that we performed:

● Shortening sleeves

● Restyling sleeves

● Remove the sleeves

● Adding sleeves

● Adding linings

● Replacing zips

● Adjust the bust line

● Adding sew in push up bra.

● Adding strap

● Adding buttons

● Taking in the bust

● Reshape Neckline

● Body Reshape.

● Shorten / Lengthen

● Shorten / Lengthen Straps

● Taking in or Letting out sides

● Taking in back/right at zip line.

● Adding the dart at the back/front

● Adding bushels.

● Shorten / Lengthen Hem

● Replace Zip

● Restyling/Remodelling.

● Apply the belt

● Apply beading/diamante

● Comprehensive vintage bridal alterations: Restyling/reshaping.

● General

Jacket, Leather Jacket, Coat, fur Coat, Dress, Skirt and Kilt

If you have a vintage garment as above that needs repairing or re-sizing, we can help!

We are dedicated specialists in vintage garment repair, alterations and restoration.

Our talented seamstresses have been trained to restore vintage garments and with patience and proper techniques they have the ability to achieve the best results.

Our specialists in vintage restoration not only can repair vintage textiles, mend beading, upholstery as well as lining..

We can also change your garment into something completely different as per your request.

No matter the color, size or style of your garments, we’ll ensure that all of our work is completely invisible, by matching stitch patterns, thread colors and even the finest details.

We will alter your precious vintage garment in such a way that you will be happy to see it given another lease of life.

Below are services that we performed:

● General repair

● Invisible mending

● Semi invisible mending

● Zip replacement in jackets

● Zip replacement in coat

● Zip replacement in dresses and skirts

● Mending rips and tears

● Patching frail fabric

● Patching parts which are missing

● Patching holes

● Sewing on or replacing buttons

● Adding hook/eyes or snap fasteners so garments do up

● Replace the buckle

● Relining or repairing old lining.

Relining or Repairing Old Lining

Whether it is the replacement of an old lining, the repair of an existing lining or the addition of a lining where none was before, we can help: jackets, capes, coats, skirts and dresses can all be given a new lease of life.

Restoration and Cleaning Process

As specialists in vintage garments, we have skills in how to treat and handle vintage garments/heirlooms which have sentimental value to the owner or are really valuable to a collector who loves collecting antique clothes.

In our policy, vintage means any garment over 100 years old. The restoration techniques and processes are similar to those used in museums and each garment is cared for and treated individually, never mixed with other vintage items.

Below is the step by step description of our cleaning process:


1st Step:

Inspection prior to the cleaning process. First, we carefully inspect the vintage garment or wedding gown Next, we test the material to find the best cleaning method for your garment by testing a small, inconspicuous part of the item then we test several beads (if there are any) to ensure they won’t come off during the cleaning process.


2nd Step:

Preparation for cleaning Based on the results of the inspection from the 1st step, we will select the best cleaning method for your vintage garment or vintage wedding gown. For certain methods, any beads must be covered or removed if necessary also any flowers and hoops have to be removed.


3rd Step: Pre-Cleaning

The cleaning technician will carefully check for dirty areas or spots on your vintage garment then all of the dirty areas and spots will be meticulously treated prior to cleaning. This step requires an intimate knowledge of fabrics and spot removal chemistry. Our cleaning technician will spend an unlimited amount of time on your garment by going over every inch. Please bare in mine, not every spot and stain can come out, but we do our best.


4th Step: 

Cleaning After pre-cleaning is all done, we clean your entire garment and also flush out any spotting solutions we have used during the pre-cleaning phase. Every gown/garment is cleaned individually, never in combination with other regular dry cleaning.


5th Step: Steaming/Pressing

Your vintage item will be pressed or steamed to restore it to its original shape.


6th Step: Inspection & Re-assembly

After we have finished the whole restoration and cleaning process, we perform a close inspection to be sure all removable stains are gone. At the same time, we re-attach any accessories that had to be removed prior to cleaning.