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Bridal & Wedding Dress Alterations

Sew Stitch ‘n’ Clean are the fastest growing alterations and tailoring company in your area specializing in wedding dress alteration and remodeling.

Our passion and meticulous attention to detail are the source of our high standards and we always put our customer's satisfaction first.

We offer a full range of bridal wear and wedding clothing services for before and after the big day, including wedding dress and bridesmaids' dress alterations. We also can create cocktail gowns and christening gowns incorporating material from your wedding dress.

The alterations we performed include taking in, shortening, reshaping of the train, neckline restyling, and adding bespoke embellishments.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You want your dress to look stunning and your bridesmaids to be comfortable in their outfits.

Our Wedding dress seamstresses are fully qualified in dress making and have 20 years’ experience behind them. They are able to perform many types of bridal gown alterations and to work with luxury lace, beautiful/delicate fabrics, beads and other types of embellishments.

As specialists in bridal wear and wedding dress alterations, we will help transform your vision into a reality, whether you have purchased your bridal gown from a bridal boutique and it requires simple tweaking or from a department store and it needs complete restyling or have inherited a vintage wedding dress that needs remodeling.

Bridal gown/Wedding dress Alteration Services:

● Adjust the bust line

● Adding sew in push-up bra

● Adding strap

● Adding buttons

● Taking in the bust

● Reshaping the Neckline

● Body Reshaping.

● Shortening / Lengthening straps

● Taking in or Letting out sides

● Taking in the back, right at zip line.

● Adding the dart at the back/front

● Adding bustles.

● Shorten / Lengthen Hem

● Zip replacement

● Restyling/Remodeling.

● Apply the belt

● Apply beads/diamante 

After Wedding Services:

After your wedding, we can use your dress to create beautiful garments which will remind you of the happiest day of your life.

Let our talented dressmakers turn your wedding dress into a stunning cocktail gown or an evening dress, or take parts of it to create a unique blouse or skirt for special occasions.

Your bridal dress has sentimental value to you and so it would be the perfect choice to use it to create another special outfit for another special family day.

One of the most popular ways to re-use a wedding dress is to use parts of it to create a beautiful christening gown for your baby to wear – reinforcing the bond between mother and child with beautiful matching outfits. Let us help you one more time to design and create something beautiful by simply using your wedding dress train and if you don't have a large train then we can use the end of your wedding dress after remodeling it into a stunning gown for yourself.

What you choose to do with your wedding dress is up to you. But when you choose Sew Stitch 'n' Clean, you’ll be certain to take away a beautiful new garment that’s imbued with a special emotional meaning.

Here is what we can do to give your wedding dress a new life:

● Remodeling your dress into something special.

● Creating a christening gown




you need your Wedding dress altered or restyled, please call us and make an appointment or 1 just drop in at the shop to discuss what you need to be done to it


Your First Appointment

We recommend arranging your first appointment as soon as possible once you’ve decided that your dress needs an alteration.

When you visit us for the first appointment, make sure you bring your dress, the undergarments you will be wearing on

the wedding day and please do not forget your shoes.

We’ll carry out a full consultation, pin your dress (and your bridesmaids’ dresses) and we’ll advise you on all the alterations we need to carry out. 



All the fittings and pinning are undertaken by a fitting expert and sometimes multiple fittings are also made by our experienced wedding dress seamstresses and dressmakers to save time and avoid long queues.

After the first fitting/pinning is done and you are happy with it, then the manager will provide you with a quote and a date for your next fitting.

It is important to understand that an intricate garment may require more than one fitting, maybe 2 or 3. All orders will be evaluated by the manager who will make sure they are organized well and finished on time.



We work meticulously and our experts understand your needs so our highly experienced and talented bridal seamstresses will transform your vision into reality.

So you can sit back and relax. Trust us, we will make sure that your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses will fit perfectly on the big day.

Once you are completely satisfied, you can collect your perfectly altered dresses, ready for your wedding. You will look amazing on your wedding day.